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The Poe Hoax, by Wim Coleman
The Poe HoaxEdgar Allan Poe is not remembered for his sense of humor—which is a shame, because he did have one. A prankish sense of humor it was, too. In 1844, he wrote a story for a New York newspaper relating the first powered balloon voyage across the Atlantic. All of New York went wild with the news. There was just one problem; Poe had made the entire story up. This original play, "a made-up story that really happened," tells how Poe put over his hoax.

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Stranded, by Wim Coleman
StrandedAround the beginning of the 19th century, a Swiss pastor named Johann David Wyss wrote stories about a family of castaways to entertain and educate his children. Later, his son Johann Rudolf Wyss brought these tales together into a classic novel, The Swiss Family Robinson, first published in 1812. Wim’s free adaptation takes place in today’s world; the Robinsons are stranded after their private plane crashes on a desert island.
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