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Books by our authors appear in school and public library collections, on required or recommended school reading lists, and quiz programs such as Renaissance and Scholastic.

Wim Coleman and
Pat Perrin
have written, edited, or contributed to more than 100 books for young readers, mostly on topics in history, mythology, and literature. Their plays, articles, and stories have appeared in AppleSeeds and READ magazines. They also write mainstream fiction for adults.

R. Conrad Stein is a very popular author of historical nonfiction and other exciting works for educational publishers. His more than 300 books for young readers have been widely used in classrooms and libraries across the country.

Lucina Kathmann is a novelist, short story writer, journalist, and essayist in Spanish and English. She also edits the trilingual publication Network/Le Réseau/La Red, by and about women writers. She is an International Vice President of International PEN

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gregory, the taker of risks, reluctant heroyolanda, the keeper of storiesThe Red Monocle series by Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin, about two middle-schoolers and their adventures in myths and legends.
Authors' Notes: the history of Arthurian legends, a summary of the legend, and how the legend relates to Joseph Campbell's "monomyth."
Excerpt from
Book 1, The Taker and the Keeper.
Study Guide for Book 1, The Taker and the Keeper: notes about the authors, the inspiration, and the story, a character list, 28 discussion questions, and topics for further research on the legend, chivalry, the effects of stories, the "call to adventure" and the "monomyth" described by Joseph Campbell, the traits of heroes and villains, and real-life heroes.
Excerpt from Book 2, The Death of the Good Wizard.

Author Comments: the authors discuss why they write about stories.
Words About Stories
: authors' quotes about stories

Payshapes and the Bear, a collection of stories by Lucina Kathmann: Spanish and English texts on facing pages.
Discussion Guide: character list, brief summary, and questions for each story.
Translation Notes: the author discusses some language differences.
Excerpt: Read a brief selection.
Audio: hear the author read one of the stories in English and Spanish.

"A must for any bilingual children's fiction collection."
—Midwest Book Review

Someone Talked by R. Conrad Stein, an award-winning novel for middle-school students. The paperback and ebook both include “The World War II Homefront” essay on the historical background.

shaker woman, historical fictionAnna's World, a multiple-award-winning story based on solid research about mid-1840s America. (Renaissance Learning Accelerated Reader Quiz #129049)
Study Guide: notes about the authors, the story, and the inspiration, a character list, 25 discussion questions, and suggestions for research on imagery, character development, historical elements, and the Shakers.
Authors' Notes about the history behind the story, utopias, the Mexican War, and the Shakers.
Excerpt: selections from two chapters.

"Well written … good character development.… An excellent ancillary choice for social-studies classes."—School Library Journal

Juggler in the Wind, a YA novel by Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin; a contemporary teen among characters from Greek mythology. This story was adapted as a Readers Theater play in READ magazine, October 2011.
Study Guide: notes about the authors, the story, and the inspiration, a character list, 26 discussion questions, and suggestions for further research on mythological characters, shapeshifters, oracles, and the "call to adventure" described by Joseph Campbell.
Author Comments: the co-authors interview each other.
Words about Myths: authors' quotes about mythology.
Teacher Guide: identification of the Greek deities in the story.
Excerpt: chapter one

The Chiron program includes videos for classroom and home use. Here are direct links that you can use right now:

Sequoyah and his Talking Leaves has been widely viewed in school classrooms. Author Wim Coleman and his daughter read an excerpt from Wim's classroom play about the brilliant Native American who invented a written form of the of the Cherokee language—a syllabary.

How the West was Made (Up) Wild Bill Hickock explains how dime novels, stage plays, and outdoor extravaganzas helped create the "Wild West" that we know today. A downloadable file includes a cast list, research suggestions, ideas to consider, and a worksheet.

God's Substitute Wim Coleman and Kathy Snodgrass perform a one-act from Wim’s book, Plays on Ideas, in which Shakespeare and Elizabeth I discuss freedom of expression, the divine right of monarchs, and the looming specter of democracy.

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