Thriller for young people

Someone Talked1Moonbeam Awards
2012 Moonbeam
Children's Book Awards

Someone Talked won a bronze medal in the Preteen Fiction, historical-cultural category.

Author R. Conrad Stein also won a bronze Moonbeam medal for his nonfiction book, The Story of Mexico: The Mexican-American War (Morgan Reynolds Publishing.)

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It’s August, 1944. World War II rages in Europe and the Pacific. Chicago, Illinois seems a long way from the fighting. And yet, is all safe there? Might spies be lurking in the shadows, plotting to blow up American factories? Twelve-year-olds Dan and Tony just might have spotted such a German spy. Is he on the brink of committing some dastardly deed against the war effort? How are they going to stop him before it’s too late?

Includes “The World War II Homefront”
essay on the historical background

"…offers a succinct but solid look at the real historical context ."
—World War II magazine

"A pro at plot, pacing, dialog, and character."
—World War II magazine

R. Conrad Stein

R. Conrad Stein grew up in Chicago. At age 18 he, joined the Marine Corps, then earned a degree in history from the University of Illinois. Stein soon began to pursue his dream of being a professional writer. His more than 300 books for young readers have been widely used in classrooms and libraries across the country. Someone Talked! reflects his deep understanding of U.S. history and resonates with his vivid memories of wartime America.

"A great read for ages 8 and up that doesn’t pander or talk down to kids; it engages their curiosity and intelligence."
—World War II magazine

"Excellent educational-recreational reading for tweens."
— Midwest Book Review

"An exciting interpretation of daily life during a difficult period of recent history."
— Midwest Book Review

“A tale of suspense … wartime intrigue friendship, patriotism, and ethical dilemmas … harrowing adventure. Real locations, historic events, and ethnic differences show how World War II affected everyday life on the neighborhood level. A first-rate thriller for young people!” —Ann Heinrichs, Librarian and Children's Book Author


Middle-grade historical fiction for tweens. R. Conrad Stein. Topics include: 20th century America, adventure, Chicago, ethnic differences, propaganda, ships, spies, U.S. history, war effort, wartime America, World War II, WW II homefront. Elementary level historical fiction and YA historical fiction (young adult.