Award-Winning Finalists—
"Children's Book Series"
category of the 2011
International Book Awards

The Taker
and the Keeper
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The Death of the
Good Wizard

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“A fascinating tale
with elements of Camelot
woven into a modern mix of science fiction and fantasy.”
Lisa Barker
Biblioreads blogspot

”A clever brew of legendary and contemporary characters, The Taker and the Keeper conjures up a tale of righting wrongs and conquering personal fears.”
—Richard Keep,
New York Times
bestselling children’s author

“From the opening pages, readers get drawn into—and then swept away in—this fun, fast-paced adventure."
—Lisa L. Owens, children’s author, editor,
book reviewer

“The monocle is the lens through which the young protagonists fall, like Alice through the rabbit hole, into vivid explorations of stories and myth.”
—Sara Fasy,
Atención San Miguel

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Red Monocle series



Adventures in myth
and legend.

“Three cheers and a heads up for the talented authors of the Red Monocle Series!”
—Midwest Book Review


Middle-schoolers Gregory Guest and Yolanda Torres face monsters, magic, and personal challenges when they follow an eerie passageway into lands of myth and legend. In their struggle against a mighty evil, they make surprising discoveries about themselves.


The Taker and the Keeper
Aided by their eccentric science teacher and Gregory’s strange red monocle, Gregory and Yolanda travel into the King Arthur legend to save today’s “real” world from a legendary threat. As they ally themselves with the magician Merlin and his young apprentice to thwart the sorceress Morgan le Fay’s machinations, these reluctant heroes must set whole worlds right again.

The Death of the Good Wizard
When the Taker and the Keeper travel back to the land of legend, they find themselves in a completely unexpected story full of new dangers—
including one very persistent dragon.

The adventures continue…
In 2012 The Invisible Foe introduces the African trickster Anansi, who first unleashed stories into the world. In Red Monocle stories to come, young readers will delight in more great myths and legends

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More information on the history of Arthurian legends, a summary of the legend, and how the legend relates to Joseph Campbell's description of the "monomyth." Download Notes

Authors comments on why they write about stories.
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Quotes about the importance of stories from other books by these authors. Download Words About Stories

The Taker and the Keeper study guide includes notes about the authors, the inspiration, and the story, a character list, 28 discussion questions, and topics for research and activites, including the legend, chivalry, the effects of stories, Joseph Campbell's call to adventure and the monomyth, the traits of heroes and villains, and real-life heroes. Download Study Guide

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