Hello! That's Wim Coleman leaning against the books on the left. Pat Perrin is on the right end of the bookcase. We've been writing books together for more than 25 years, and we've been married all that time, too. Click each section of the the bookcase above to find our fiction, nonfiction, plays, and videos for young readers and teachers.

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Wim grew up in Iowa. He's a playwright whose works have won national awards and have been presented in New York and Los Angeles. He wrote the plays and made the videos that we feature on our Chiron pages. Click the bookcase above to see them.

Wim has worked in theater as an actor, director, scene shop foreman, and set designer—and has also been an editor, pizza cook, waiter, and bartender. He has degrees from Drake University in Theater, Literature, and Education.

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Pat is originally from Virginia, where she became an art teacher and award-winning artist. She taught art in the public schools of Newport News and Roanoke, and taught art and humanities in talented and gifted programs in Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia. She built our websites.

For a few years Pat raised horses on a Shenandoah Valley farm. With the help of several energetic teenagers, she also learned how to grow her own food and cook on a wood-burning stove. Pat has degrees in English (Duke), Liberal Studies (Hollins), and Art Theory and Criticism (U.Ga.)

Together, we've lived in several U.S. cities: Los Angeles, California; Portland, Oregon; Des Moines, Iowa; Chapel Hill, North Carolina. For 13 years, we lived in the beautiful, historic Mexican town named San Miguel de Allende. We're currently back in the lovely town of Chapel Hill.

Monse's aerial dance

Our adopted daughter, Monse, is completely bilingual. She's a fine student, violinist, and aerial dancer.

See a video of Monse in
aerial dance class.

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