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Someone Talked, WWII homefrontSomeone Talked!
R. Conrad Stein
includes historical
background information

Moonbeam Medal winner
"A great read for ages 8 and up that doesn’t pander or talk down to kids."
—World War II magazine

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Anna's World historical fictionAnna's World
Wim Coleman & Pat Perrin

• Moonbeam • USA Book News
• Reader views • Eric Hoffer Awards

1845 America—a bright, headstrong girl faces challenges in a Shaker community and Boston.

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Payshapes and the Bear bilingual storiesPayshapes and the Bear Péxeps y el Oso
Lucina Kathmann

One human, lots of animals, and a few delightful dragons.
Told in English and Spanish.

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• International Book Awards—children's fiction

Juggler in the Wind, Olympian GodsJuggler in the Wind
Wim Coleman & Pat Perrin

YA fantasy adventure with a completely new take on the ancient Olympian Gods.

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• USA Book News Best Books Awards—fantasy

Plays on Ideas
Wim Coleman

Five exciting ten-minute plays for high school, college, and community theater. Lively historical characters discussing ideas that people live and die for.

You can buy these plays as individual pdf downloads or as a book.
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Red Monocle fantasy adventuresRed Monocle
Wim Coleman
...& Pat Perrin

Adventures in myth
and legend, available
in print and all ebooks
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• International Book Awards—series

Check out Madeira Press Collections of great stories:

Fantastic horse stories from myths and legends.Horses
in myths, legends, folktales,
and other ancient stories

20 terrific tales and features

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Humor and fantasy from Edgar Allan PoeThe Poe
You Don't Know

Humor and fantasy where you might not expect to find it.

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Upcoming from ChironBooks, more adventures for young readers:

The Crow's Story, Wand Bearer TrilogyA midquel in
The Wand Bearer Trilogy
The Crow's Story
Short, illustrated, mystical and mythical, The Crow's Story is the tale of the magical bird who leads the Circus Olympus performers toward their destiny at the end of Juggler in the Wind. The Crow will play a most important role in Star Road (2013), so get in on his story early. The Wand Bearer encounters Native American mythology.

A Forest of Mathematics by Lucina KathmannA novel and math book at once, by Lucina Kathmann
A Forest of Mathematics
The animal characters in a forest present negative numbers, Cartesian coordinates, exponents, fractions, decimals, and percents through "real-life" (of the forest) situations, worksheets included, and a wayward young dragon who is redeemed through math. For tweens, teens and imaginative adults.

The Wand Bearer Trilogy continues
Juggler in the Wind, the first book of The Wand Bearer Trilogy, will be followed by Star Road and Otherworld. Written for teens and older by Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin. When gods grow old to the brink of death, Randy plays a role in their wondrous rebirth. And when he falls in love with an immortal goddess, he must journey into a realm dreaded by mortals everywhere. By the end of Randy’s quest, our very world will never be the same.
Red Monocle continues
The Taker and The Keeper and The Death of the Good Wizard feature King Arthur and his knights; The Invisible Foe introduces the African trickster Anansi, who first unleashed stories into the world. In further Red Monocle books, from authors Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin. Young readers will delight in experiencing more great myths and legends.